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Landed Cost Quoting Errors

Error Codes

When the UPS system is unable to respond to a request, be it from a malformed request, an illegal or invalid value, or other issues, the API generates an error response.

  • Successful responses may or may not include alerts.
    • Without alerts - Indicates the request has been processed as anticipated.
    • With alerts - Indicates the request has been processed with potentially unanticipated results. The alert contains information in the response that should be passed to the end user.
  • The severity of an error may be transient or hard.
    • transient error - Indicates an error that is temporary in nature. Such errors may be caused by response timeouts due to high server loads or scheduled maintenance in progress. The request may be issued successfully at a later time.
    • Hard error - Indicates the request has a problem that the system is not able to resolve. These errors are critical and prevent requests from processing.
    • Do not resubmit requests with Hard Errors until the problems causing the error have been resolved.

Common Error Codes

The following error codes can apply to all APIs.

Code Severity Description
10001 Hard The request is not well formed.
10002 Hard The request is well formed but the request is not valid.
10003 Hard The request is either empty or null.
10006 Hard Although the document is well formed and valid, the element content contains values which do not conform to the rules and constraints contained in this specification.
10013 Hard The message is too large to be processed by the Application.
20001 Transient General process failure.
20002 Hard The specified service name, {0}, and version number, {1}, combination is invalid.
20003 Hard Please check the server environment for the proper J2EE ws apis.
20006 Hard Invalid request action.
20007 Hard Missing Required field, {0}.
20008 Hard The field, {0}, contains invalid data, {1}.
20012 Hard The Client Information exceeds its Maximum Limit of {0}.
250005 Hard No Access and Authentication Credentials provided.
250006 Hard The maximum number of user access attempts was exceeded.
250007 Hard The UserId is currently locked out; please try again in 30 minutes.
250019 Hard Invalid Field value.


Landed Cost Quoting API Error Codes

Code Description Message
105.001 PARTIAL_LANDED_COST_RESULT Only partial results are available for this shipment
105.305 INVALID_FIELD_VALUE Supplied value was not in the correct range of valid values.
105.350 INVALID_HS_CODE HS_CODE is not valid.
105.1000 COMPONENTS_REQUIRED Product with a null HS_Code, but no components.
105.1005 INVALID_GROSS_WEIGHT ShipmentItem with Product that has ComponentProducts may not specify a GrossWeight.
105.1010 UNITS_REQUIRED The value specified must be a valid unit abbreviation.
105.1015 INVALID_PRICE Total Price value is not valid.
105.1020 CURRENCY_EXCHANGE_NOT_FOUND Currency exchange rate for the given country could not be extracted from the Database.
105.1025 INVALID_TRANSPORTATION_MODE Supplied Transportation modes were not from list of valid modes.
105.1030 INVALID_COMPONENT_PRICES Sum of ComponentProduct prices did not match Product price.
105.1040 MISMATCHED_LOCATIONS Location in location object conflicts with answer to location question
105.1045 INVALID_RULE A rule is invalid.