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Landed Cost Quoting Business Rules

Business Rules


  • Elements/tags that are not defined in the interface or do not conform to the interface structure will be ignored by UPS.
  • Only users that plan to ship packages manifested, tendered, and delivered by UPS can use the API.
  • Any customers/developers abusing or data mining the API will have their access revoked.

Landed Cost Quoting Rules

The Landed Cost Quoting RESTful API allows clients to estimate the landed cost of international shipments, including applicable duties, VAT, taxes, brokerage fee, and other fees costs.

The Parts API supports two methods, Save Parts (POST) and Get Parts RESTful API using two restful endpoints.

  1. Get Parts – This service will accept a list of part numbers and return a list of parts.
  2. Save Parts – This service will accept a list of products to be saved.

All API URLs are case sensitive.