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Freight Ship FAQs

Category Question Answer
General What is the minimum weight limit for LTL Freight shipments? 1lb.
LTL Shipping What are the supported LTL Freight countries and territories? LTL Freight country or territory origins include US, CA & MX. The US territory means the contiguous 48 states of the US and Washington DC. While we service Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, those rates can only be obtained by calling TForce Freight Customer Service at (800) 333-7400.
LTL Shipping WDoes the API rate offshore shipments? No. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-333-7400 for offshore rating
Negotiated Rates How do I get access to LTL Freight negotiated rates? Contact your Account Representative and ensure that you have a myLTL ID set up with LTL Freight at
Fuel Surcharge Is the Fuel Surcharge listed as a separate line item in the response for the Rating API for LTL? Yes. The fuel surcharge is listed as a separate line item within the response.
Maximum Shipment Weight What is the maximum shipment weight for LTL Freight? Maximum LTL weight is 19,999 lbs. Anything 20,000 lbs. or over is considered a Truckload (TL) movement.

Our public rate engine will not return a rate on shipments weighing equal to or more than 19,999lbs. Instead, the user gets the following message:

Rate a Shipment is not available for this shipment. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-333-7400 for assistance with this rate.

Rates Are there any rate structures that are not allowable for LTL Freight? No.
Rates I have CZAR rates, are they available for use with the LTL Freight Rating or Shipping APIs? Yes. Czar and Czar Lite rate structures are permitted for use with the Rating or Shipping API for LTL Freight, TForce Freight approval required.
Rates Are Third Party or Freight Collect available through either the Rating or Shipping APIs? Yes. The LTL Freight Rating and Shipping APIs are only available for the customer that is paying the invoice. However, the Shipper, Consignee, or the 3rd Party could create a Bill of Lading.
Rates What rates can be returned using the rating API? Published rates based on the TForce Freight 560 tariff or a contract rate negotiated with TForce Freight.
Rates Can I choose the rate I want returned in the rate request? No. The API supports a single rate type based on your setup with TForce Freight.


1 - You do not have a negotiated rate contract with TForce Freight; Published rates will be returned.

2 - You have a negotiated rate contract with TForce Freight; your negotiated rate will be returned

Time in Transit Is Time in Transit available through the LTL Freight Rating or Shipping APIs? Yes. Time in Transit (Days in Transit) for Ground Freight is available in the Freight Ship and Freight Rate Web Services.

The API's return the number of days from the origin to the destination. The days do not take into account Holidays.

Shipping Label and BOL How is the Bill of Lading (BOL) formatted within the LTL Freight Shipping API response? YThe BOL is returned within the LTL Freight Shipping API response as image/elements that can be printed immediately or assembled to create a .pdf for printing.

Within the Shipping API - LTL Freight Developer Guide the Bill of Lading document is returned in the response as a base64 encoded string which, when decoded and saved, is a .pdf document ready to print.

Support for Air Freight Does the Shipping API - LTL Freight also support Air Freight? No.
Maximum Linear Feet What is the maximum Linear feet allowed for LTL Ground Freight? The maximum dimensional length of the extreme length articles is 26 feet. The max allowed may change in the future based on Ground Freight business rules.

Please contact TForce Freight Customer Service at 800- 333-7400 for assistance

GF (LTL) Shipping How can I add locations to a contract? Do I need to work through my TForce Freight Account Manager? Yes. Please contact our Freight sales representative to ensure accounts and locations are added to the TForce Freight LTL negotiated rates. For more information, visit TForce Freight.
GF (LTL) Shipping Can I use any combination of origin/destination postal codes to receive ABR with Shipping - Ground Freight API? In order to see negotiated rates for freight, the origin postal code must match the postal code on file with TForce Freight. When the correct origin postal code is not used the response will not include the correct rates.
General Is phone support provided for the UPS Developer Kit - Developer APIs? If so, what is the number and what are the hours of operation? Phone support is provided for very basic API questions. Questions that cannot be answered verbally will be directed to the email support form at Please go to the Developer Resource Center on for more information.
General How do I get technical support for the APIs at Go to Under the Help Center, select Technology Support. Under Tools and Resources click on Developer Resource Center. If your questions are not answered on this page, then click on email TForce.

UPS Freight Less-than-Truckload (“LTL”) transportation services are offered by TFI International Inc., its affiliates or divisions (including without limitation TForce Freight), which are not affiliated with United Parcel Service, Inc. or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or related entities (“UPS”). UPS assumes no liability in connection with UPS Freight LTL transportation services or any other services offered or provided by TFI International Inc. or its affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries or related entities.