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Track status of a shipment, delivery , time, and the latest transit scan.



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Tracking API components include:

  • Package or Shipment Tracking: Enables applications to provide tracking information based on a tracking number, shipment identification number, or reference number for packages, shipments or Mail Innovations pieces. A shipment may be a single transaction with multiple packages, or it may be a single freight shipment.
  • Tracking Numbers: Enables applications to track, locate, and verify arrival of packages and shipments.
  • Shipment Identification Numbers: Enables applications to use shipment identification numbers to identify and track every shipment as it moves through the UPS system.
  • Reference Numbers: Allows for flexibility. Applications can track any UPS package or shipment by a convenient, user determined reference number. Applications can assign a reference number to:
    • an individual package
    • all packages in a shipment
    • an air or ocean freight shipment
  • PRO Numbers and Air Waybill Numbers: Enables applications to use PRO or Air Waybill numbers to identify and trace a freight shipment as it moves through the UPS system. A successful query by PRO or Air Waybill number returns all commodities within a shipment.
  • Candidate Bookmarks: Enables applications to distinguish between like references. In cases where more than one shipment matches a reference number, UPS returns identifying information about each shipment, and it marks each shipment with a unique candidate bookmark.

Custom code that adapts your application´s business logic and data to the API must be developed in order to integrate this API´s functionality into your e-commerce applications.