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Compare delivery services and shipping rates to determine the best option.


The Rating API allows applications to look up and compare rates for UPS services:

  • Package

The Rating API gives client applications the ability to:

  • Find the rate for a specific UPS service for a specific package or shipment
  • Compare available rates and services for a specific package or shipment
  • Request negotiated rates for a specific package or shipment

Note: Customers must be authorized and activated for negotiated rates. The API provides the negotiated rates that apply to the selected service. For more information on negotiated rates, including authorization to receive them, please check with your UPS account representative.

Prior to downloading this API you should be familiar with:

  • Programming URL or socket connections
  • Designing and implementing a strategy into your existing software for handling errors

Available version(s): RESTful
Available mode(s): Package

Custom code that adapts your application´s business logic and data to the API must be developed in order to integrate this API´s functionality into your e-commerce applications.

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