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Quantum View


Stream Quantum View Data into internal applications.


The Quantum View® API accesses UPS Quantum View's comprehensive suite of services that give you details about your UPS shipments and the ability to access your Quantum View Data information.

With this API, your application can automatically retrieve Quantum View events and integrate those events into processes of other information system.

Quantum View API components include:

  • Quantum View Subscriptions: Enables application's to retrieve specific Quantum View events. Set up subscriptions for outbound shipments, inbound shipments, and shipments using alternate billing such as freight collect, third party, and consignee-billed.
  • Bookmarks: Allows for minimal application impact network resources for accounts with a high volume of UPS activity. If Quantum View information that satisfies your request returns multiple files and exceeds the 150 KB limit, UPS returns part of the information and appends a special Bookmark element to the response.
  • File Names: Enables your application to directly request a specific file when it knows the name of the Quantum View file.
  • Date / Time Range: Enables you to request Quantum View events that occurred during a specific range of dates and/or times.

Custom code that adapts your application´s business logic and data to the API must be developed in order to integrate this API´s functionality into your e-commerce applications.

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