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Paperless Documents


Link uploaded documents to your international shipments.


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The Paperless Document API allows applications to upload electronic documents to UPS documents repository for faster and more efficient customs processing.

The Paperless Document API web service allows your application to upload your own customized trade documents for customs clearance to the UPS documents repository called "Forms History".

Linking the document image to the shipment identification number generated by your manifesting system via the Paperless Document API upload process allows UPS operations and customs to process your international shipments more quickly and efficiently.

The Paperless Document API web service consists of three operations:

  • Upload documents to Forms History;
  • Delete uploaded documents; and
  • Push uploaded documents to Image Repository.

In order to utilize all these facilities, a user must have a valid 6 digit UPS shipper number.

The API is capable of handling multiple files and multiple documents in each file. The maximum allowable size for each file is 1 MB and total maximum allowable size limit for all files is 5 MB. The user can have a maximum of 13 files per request. The user can attach total of 13 documents in each file. The user cannot have more than 13 documents in total per shipment.

Custom code that adapts your application´s business logic and data to the API must be developed in order to integrate this API´s functionality into your e-commerce applications.