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Address Validate


Validates addresses at the street level  in the United States and Puerto Rico.


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This tool can also be used to classify the address as Residential or Commercial according to UPS' standards.

If an address is not valid according the USPS database, the API can provide a list of valid addresses corresponding to the intended address. Additionally, this API uses address classification to determine if an address is residential or commercial. Address classification uses the same request/response exchange as Address Validation Street Level and can be combined in a single request.

An address classification requires detailed information about the address including, for example, a contact name or "attention to" value; this ensures the address is accurately identified as either residential or commercial in situations where both residential and commercial entities exist at the same location.

Address Validation Street Level is available for the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Address classification is available in more than 30 countries or territories. A valid listing is available in the developer guide..

Custom code that adapts your application´s business logic and data to the API must be developed in order to integrate this API´s functionality into your e-commerce applications.