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Plan Your Integration

Everything you need to know and consider before integrating our API functionalities into your systems.

  Evaluation Steps

First things first. Before choosing to integrate, we suggest consulting with a technical team proficient in RESTful coding. This can help determine both the expense and the development time necessary for both business and technical impacts. Use the steps below as a guideline.

   Analyze your needs.

  • Identify appropriate APIs to meet business needs. 

   Identify technical requirements.

  • Pinpoint high-level impacts to interfaces and internal processing logic of each system.

   Perform cost evaluation.

  • Evaluate development time to integrate the APIs versus purchasing software with APIs integrated.

   Build or Buy.

  • Identify which APIs meet your business needs.
  • Build an integration for your use.
  • Build an integration for others' use.
  • Purchase a plug-and-play solution provided from our UPS Ready® partners
  Note: Already have a shipping solution for others? 
Do you have an established solution that enables UPS shipping functionality for other companies? UPS offers enhanced marketing, support and visibility to select business solution providers through the UPS Ready® program. Click here to learn more about becoming a certified provider.

  Know Before You Code

So you want to integrate. Here are some key things to know before and during the integration process. Prior to downloading APIs, you should be familiar with:

 Standard HTTP operations and practices including SSL connections.

 RESTful methodologies and design patterns.

 Using OAuth 2.0 authentication for API access.

  Designing and implementing a strategy into your existing software for handling errors.

  Browse Our APIs

Our collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer access to extensive functionality for address validation, time in transit & rate quotes, shipping, pickup, visibility, and more. We have bundles to help you manage and optimize international shipping capabilities. Our tools integrate seamlessly with any RESTful based system.

View API Catalog   

  Developer Access

Once you’ve decided to get started integrating and gain full access to the portal and it’s functionality, you will need the following to get registered and request credentials.

 A UPS user ID is required to use our APIs on your applications and systems. If you do not already have one, sign up.

 You will need a six-digit billing account associated to your UPS profile. If you do not already have one, create an account.


 Note: A six-digit UPS account can be linked to multiple UPS user IDs.
If you are with an organization, you may need your lead developer to have a UPS user ID as well, which can then be linked to your UPS account as a validated user.